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Dr Linda has definitely impacted my life in a significant way. Her holistic approach and patience to listen to my feedback and observation have improved my wellness. She crafted a dynamic customized wellness journey for me and I am seeing the results now. Her authentic, gentle demeanour and relentless drive to guide and educate makes me feel I can trust her. She empowers women to understand and take charge of wellness.
Based on this positive experience I continue to share about Dr Linda and her wonderful work with friends and family.

Julianna Kamaruddin

Women Entrepreneur

Professionalism – I felt that my health situation is being attended properly. Advises given is in my best interest.
First class customer service – staff going the extra miles to serve clients during MCO period.
Free Home delivery.
Sharing of information on Covid-19 and how to stay healthy being at home
Checking on how clients .
On-line consultation.
Personal attention in answering all queries.

Pn Neeza Nekmat

Business Coach

Alhamdulillah, saya sangat gembira dan berpuas hati dengan tahap kesihatan saya yang bertambah baik selepas menjalani ‘treatment’ yang berasaskan functional medicine dengan Dr Linda.
‘Chronic inflammation’ yang saya alami sejak June 2019, yang mengakibatkan
‘Leaky Gut’ serta pelbagai infection kini beransur pulih, atas seliaan dan nasihat
dari Dr Linda. Terima kasih Doc!

Pn Faridatul Azna

Young Living Distributor

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